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Welcome to our pool cleaning services in Singapore! You have reached the right online destination for all types of swimming pool cleaning and maintenance. We are adept with all aspect of pool cleaning as we are professional pool technicians and cleaners that have many years of experience in the industry. With us, there is nothing to worry about in term of pool cleaning. You can depend on us anytime for guaranteed help. Check out this page to know more about our services.



We maintain and clean your swimming pools, water features, spa pools and ponds. For both private home owners, condominiums, clubs or private institutions and properties. We can create a regular maintenance schedule based on your pool, needs and budget. This includes cleaning, vacuuming and removal of debris and dirt, maintaining your salt systems, cleaning and backwashing of filters etc.


Building of Fiberglass Pools

We can build and install fiberglass pools to meet your needs. Fiberglass pools are durable, have great longevity and are easy to maintain. In the long term, they are more cost effective than some other types of pools.


Installation of Salt Chlorinator System

Recommended and best suited for fiberglass pools. For concrete or normal vinyl liner pools, this is not recommended as the wear and tear will be much faster. Contact us if you have any questions, we are glad to assist you and meet your needs.


Pump & Motor Servicing

We can repair and service the pump or motor in your pool. We are also able to overhaul weaker or older pumps and motors if they are giving you problems!


LED Lights for Your Pool

Are your pools still using lights and lamps other than LED lights? We can help you replace them! LED lights and lamps us much less electricity than traditional incandescent and halogen pool lights, and in some cases are brighter! This would promote greater safety at night and cost savings in the long run!


Pool and Spa Decks (Wood)

Your wooden pool deck is what frames your pool, and it serves a practical need by providing slip resistance. We are able to service your wooden pool decks to keep it looking good! Regular and dedicated care of your wooden decks will prolong its lifespan.


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