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Keeping Swimming Pool Safe and Clean

swimming-pool-300-250-1One of the common features that many huge houses boast of its visitors is the swimming pool. Whether it’s indoor or outdoor pool, this piece of luxurious feature is best for leisure, exercise and therapy. Pool owners should pay extra caution on the maintenance of swimming pools. Pool maintenance and safety are essential, thus it is important to make sure that the pool water is clean and hygienic. Listed below are some of the noteworthy tips on having a great swimming pool maintenance service.

  • It checks the pH level of the pool. It is important to check the pH level of the water in the pool regularly. The normal level usually falls between 7.2 and 7.6. If the pH level is low, it indicates acidic water that is extremely corrosive. On the other hand, a high pH level indicates alkalinity, which means that the water is incapable of sanitization.
  • The use of Algaecides. Pool water serves as the breeding grounds for algae. The use of algae inhibitor will prevent numerous varieties of algae from propagating in the pool water. The liquid form of the inhibitor can be poured in the pool water with the use of the pump system in order to distribute the substance evenly in the pool. Copper-based solutions are the preferred choice because it maintains the color of pool water and keeps it sparkling.
  • The use of shocks. External factors like sweat, body oil, dry skin cells, cosmetics, and even urine can pollute the water of the pool. The use of shock at the pool on regular intervals can help remove the mentioned impurities. Shocking is the process of water oxidation, which means it removes the waste of the swimmer from the pool.
  • Maintenance of the pump set. Replacing the pump after seven or eight years is a perfect idea in maintaining hygienic water in the pool. When the pump produces excessive noise, it indicates that the pump undergoes an improper functioning. Although modern pumps are very simple and easy to maintain, those products that are made from composition or rubber pump seals may cause malfunctions. Thus, it is important to maintain the pressure levels in the pool through checking the pressure gauge regularly.
  • Checking chemical levels. In order to ensure utmost protection against bacteria, it is important to maintain the chlorine content of the pool. There are plenty of chlorine forms that can be used to mix them in the pool. Also, it is important to check the pool water calcium content. It should fall between 175 to 225 ppm. Cloudiness in pool water and corrosion results from improper balance of calcium content.

These are just some of the safety measures to follow when deciding to look for pool maintenance service. There are plenty of companies that offer pool maintenance and services today.